Agricultural Engineering

The department of Agricultural Engineering was established in 1964 when Egerton University was then an Agricultural College. At that time it was offering a diploma course in Agricultural Engineering with specialisation in Farm and Machinery and Soil and Water Engineering. Since then it has continued to has continued to grow and by 1987 it was offering a degree course in Agricultural Engineering with specialisation Soil and water engineering, farm power and machinery and agricultural processing engineering. These programmes increasingly became popular and attracted students locally and internationally. From 2002 the department started post graduate programmes at Masters and Doctorate levels. Over the 49 years of existence, the department has acquired facilities and equipment which have supported teaching and research with findings that have contributed to the Agricultural industry and related fields as well as national development age and documented in vision 2030. At the moment the department of Agricultural Engineering is the only department in Kenya and the entire eastern Africa region with adequate experience and facilities for training Agricultural Engineers. Members of the public both national and international are welcome to visit the department for further information as appropriate.

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